Angry Necromancer

Angry Necromancer
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Angry Necromancer  this is a new shooting zombie game free. You are a loser, because all the bodies you revive are behind you. And now our bad vandals have to destroy all those hell creatures to survive in the Gothic world. You are a loser, because all the bodies that you revive are left behind. And now, our bad vandals must destroy all those afflicted beings to survive in the Gothic world. Necromancer needs your help! Zombies want him to destroy and his tower online zombie game free play for free on the internet. Protect the tower from zombies with its devastating weather. Pay attention to your health and mana. Use drinks to charge energy. Exciting levels await you! Angry Necromancer is an interesting defense zombie game free. This game has unique graphics that are suitable for all ages, especially children and families. This game is controlled by a witch.

Features zombie game free :

  • Defensive HTML5 game with live corps for you.
  • Many screens and attractive features disney games for toddlers.
  • Attractive spooky sound graphics addictive zombie game free download.
  • Save your achievements and scores game

How to play zombie game free :

  • Open your screen up and get ready for this defense game.
  • Use the mouse to adjust and destroy dead monsters.
  • Collect souls to recharge energy in the left corner of the screen zombie game free online .
  • Don’t leave them close if you don’t want to lose download zombies game.

Some screenshots from the game:

zombie game free

online zombie game free

zombie game free online

A good and dramatic game for you to try to defend and destroy all corpses besides you can refer to some other interesting and interesting zombie game free !

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Angry Necromancer
5 (100%) 1 vote

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