Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princesses Games

Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princesses Games
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Disney princesses games -From new age Princess Elsa to the classics like Cinderella, Disney has an array of different princesses which all little girls want to become. Here we count down the top 10 list of most popular Disney Princesses games out there.

Number 10: Pocahontas

Starting off the countdown is the 1st American Disney princess, Pocahontas. Pocahontas is inspired by the real life historical figure, Pocahontas. She was the daughter of an important Indian chief and was highly intelligent. Brains and beauty have led Pocahontas make everyone loves her.



This is a great disney princess games for girls that you can not miss because we can promise you that you will have a good time and that is really important to us, after all this is The reason why we are here is that you have the best time ever and we know that it will not be difficult if you simply come and curious to play the game with the characters that We have prepared for you to try every day. This time you can play with cute Pocahontas, you may know, is a Disney princess, she is very friendly and curious adventure and the time you get to work on a puzzle from her moment. and animal friends first came to the city, so it was a very special moment. Good luck!


Come to our dear children and watch this super fun disney princess games free online right on our website, we are sure you will have a good time with the characters you play and that is very important to you. with us. Surely you have fun and we think it is not very difficult for you to have fun in this magical game like this, after all you can play with Pocahontas beautiful princess. She is not alone in this puzzle game as it is a very romantic game with her and John Smith and we are sure it will make you curious to come and play the game, just choose the number of sentences. Quiz and try to solve it as quickly as possible.

Number 9: Rapunzel

The beautiful and spirited Rapunzel bounds onto the countdown 9. She is from Disney’s 2010 release, Tangled. Singer/actress Mandy Moore does the voice of Rapunzel and inserts her own bubbly personality into the character. Rapunzel is arguably the most cheerful, happiest of all the Disney princesses.


This will be a new outfit and makeup challenge that you will have to make sure you can help the Disney princess to have a hipster look. It will not be that easy, because close friends, you may find that you will have to make sure you can help Rapunzel find hipster clothes, hipster, hipster accessories and hipster hairstyles, and you can see that disney princess games dress up who love your new hipster look at the end of this fashion challenge, and you can see that she will continue to give you great girly challenges that you can play here. on our site. Have fun!


A very interesting dressing challenge is brought to you today on our website where your dear friends may find that we bring you a game full of princesses online. challenges. The new path you will have to make sure you manage to help the two Disney princesses get ready for their summer vacation. It will not be easy, because the dear kids you can see that Rapunzel and Moana will be able to have a great time playing with cute princesses to have costumes and hairstyles. Most beautiful, modern and fashionable. . Although it will not be easy, we are sure that you will have a great time with Moana and Rapunzel, and you can see that they will continue to bring you dress up and make up the disney princess games for girls. You can play with all your friends for free. Have fun!

Number 8: Belle

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991 to rave reviews and praise for the heroine, Belle. Belle is a beautiful daddy’s girl who is strong and fiercely independent. She sacrifices herself to save her father from being held a prisoner of the Beast. Belle and the Beast end up falling in love and live happily ever after.


Belle is starting a new semester and must be prepared! Studying and studying is important, but Belle must also consider this. Your mission in this disney princess games free online is to get ready for Belle and help her choose an outfit, apply her makeup and hairstyle. Using the mouse, you can choose different items to apply such as cheeks, mascara and lipstick.

In addition, you can also choose your hairstyle and choose a beautiful outfit. Before Belle can go to school, she must also complete her homework! Help her by completing a series of dots to complete the puzzle. Finally, you have to help her put everything in her bag – make sure everything in the bag! Finally, Belle was ready; She can take pictures of her and then go to school!

Number 7: Ariel

The 28th animated Disney film from 1989, The Little Mermaid, brought King Triton and Queen Athena’s red-haired, rebellious 7th daughter, Ariel, into the hearts of millions. She is the only Disney princess to have her own child.


Because we have promised to offer you as many new disney princess games dress up as we can, the new game that we have for you is with princess Ariel, The little Mermaid. This is the first game from the category dedicated to your favourie disney orincess,a creativity game in which you will play a veru important role. In the new game that we have fro you, you need to help your friend, you need to help Ariel with her new hairstyle. Ariel is getting ready to get to a human form and meet prince Eric, but she needs your help in order to arrange her hairstyle. You have to take every strand of hair and style it as you like. You can choose to curl her hair, straighten it or cut it. After you are done with the hairstyle you can choose a color to paint it.Have fun with beautiful princess Ariel in this new game that we have to offer especially for you!

Number 6: Snow White

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the 6th most popular princess of all?” Snow White is one of the most popular fairy tales in the world thanks in part to the 1812 Brothers Grimm story titled, Schneewittchen and then the 1937 Disney cartoon, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White Baby Wash

Snow White is visiting her old friends, Seven Dwarfs, along with her daughter and needs your help to get her lovely girl ready for a date. Bathe the little princess with natural beauty products and use a colorful toy to make her laugh. Once you have finished, go out and meet some friendly forest creatures. Raise the birds, embrace a rabbit, play with Grumpy and our princess will have time in her life.

Snow White House Makeover

Snow White thinks it’s time to redecorate her whole house! Of course she is not able to do this alone and she needs your help with cleaning and giving the house a makeover. Good luck!

Number 5: Jasmine

Jasmine, Princess of Agraba, is a rebellious lady who wants nothing more than to be an average girl on the outside of the palace walls. Jasmine gets into a world of trouble one night when she escapes and is caught. Aladdin, a street urchin, dressed as a Prince falls for Jasmine and they eventually marry but not before Jafar attempts to shake up their plans.

Beautiful Princess Jasmine

It’s a disney princess games free online with Princess Jasmine loves listening to epic stories, but she can’t get her old shopping group together. Now she needs you to help get her outfits together by choosing new gowns, new tiaras, or just creating brand new styles for this incredible princess.

Princess Jasmine Cute Bedroom

Jasmine is a friend of his cousin. You are in a blissful mood; Because, your cousin will arrive your place tomorrow. She is carrying her two friends. You all intend to go to the movies. Before that you have an important task to perform. In your home, Jasmine has a separate room. Each month, she will clean the house in the spring and eventually she will decorate the room in a wonderful way. As usual, she will clean the house and then you will help her decorate the room in an elegant way. After completing this task, you are free to go anywhere you want. Look at the room. Drag everything and place them properly. Make your decorations more stylish than looking at the room. The girl always wants to keep the room and the beat. Help your cousin so she can finish decorating immediately….

Number 4: Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty cast a spell on the hearts of millions of little girls and millions more since its release by Walt Disney Pictures in 1959. Falling asleep to be woken up by the kiss of a Prince, your true love. Sleeping Beauty’s Princess Aurora comes in at a respectable on the countdown.

Save Sleeping Beauty

Prince Phillip wants to save Sleeping Beauty but she is watched by a witch, you need to help prince kissing princess Aurora when witch is not here and hide in the closet when witch come. When you saved her, dress up for this beautiful princess and enjoy the happiness with them!

Sleeping Beauty Storyteller

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Aurora. Her destiny is to meet the love of her life on her 16th birthday and be rescued by him. In this exciting new Enjoy Disney princesses games to play you will have to make the right choices so she can fulfill her destiny. Depending on the choices you make you will create the story step by step. To put it differently, you will make your own story.

Number 3: Mulan

Strong, independent tomboy Princess Mulan starts off the top 3. A feisty girl who pretends to be a boy to join the military to save her father’s life and ultimately has to be true to her real self. Mulan is the 8th official Disney princess.

Barbie Visits Mulan

Barbie visits Mulan to make sure she has the perfect trip and enjoys all the local traditions with her old friend! Mulan and Barbie have known each other for a long time, but because of the distance they have not met much. So, Mulan invited Barbie to visit and she was delighted to be accepted. You know the first thing Barbie do is check out the local fashion, so she’s desperately in need of a kimono and also some accessories. Mulan is so kind, so Barbie wants to give her a great farewell gift. Have a great time playing Barbie visiting Mulan!

Number 2: Cinderella

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! Cinderella was knocked down from the #1 spot with a certain box-office smash hit in 2013. Cinderella was released by Walt Disney in 1950 to spectacular reviews from critics and movie-goers alike. Cinderella’s evil stepmother and stepsisters make her life difficult, however, in the end good conquers evil. Cinderella marries her Prince, and they live happily ever after.

Cinderella has never had an easy life; she has always been the maid of honor for the worse girls. But now she has escaped their magic. . . Play our disney princess games for girls and join Cinderella while she clean up the ashes and dirt and become the beautiful princess she once had. She is always a beautiful girl, even before makeup, but she will shine brighter than ever when her skin is perfect, her makeup and hair looks fabulous and costume. . she is perfect.

Cinderella Gala Host


Play Cinderella Gala Host and help our princess look spectacular as she steps on stage to present this high profile event! Cinderella was asked to hold a gala this year and she was delighted. But all eyes will be on her, which means she must look absolutely perfect, Disney princesses games to play. The first step in achieving this is a point on makeup. Apply a sparkling eye shadow to make her sparkling eyes, an elegant lip gloss in a darker color, mascara for darker eyelashes and complete with a subtle blush.

Then you can move and style with pigtails or some lovely curls. For your outfit, you can choose a maxi dress with a sparkling silver head and a light blue, one fitted with an architectural collar or a short pink with lace and a strip. Bandages around the waist. You can also mix and match a top dress with a long skirt or a pair of pants. Accessorize with a coat or scarf, a clutch covered in diamonds and precious stones and precious jewelry. Have a great time playing Cinderella Gala Host

Number 1: Elsa

Without question the Most Popular Disney Princess is from 2013’s box-office smash, Frozen. Elsa of Arendelle has frozen herself to the #1 spot. She is based on the character from Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen.

Elsa Real Cooking

Elsa is cooking! The ice queen needs your help in the kitchen, she knows you have the skills of a true chef! Choose the best ingredients you can find in the fridge to create a spectacular meal and cook everything to perfection. Chop, boil or fry, then season everything with salt and pepper. Elsa is the one you have to impress so make sure she tastes your absolutely delicious meal!

Elsa Role Experience

The beautiful princess Elsa wants to experience the joy of different kinds of roles.Such as nurse,stewardess,astronaut,sheer leader and so on.Let’s dress her with appropriate clothes,shoes,and accessories to match with the roles.Show us princess Elsa’s beauty!

Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princesses Games
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