Santa Sokoban

Santa Sokoban
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Santa Sokoban play the classic Sokoban logic game with santa and help Santa give presents for Christmas. The less traffic, the higher the score! Sokoban is a puzzle game in which players move boxes or boxes in a warehouse, trying to bring them to storage locations. In this version you will help Santa to deliver presents on Christmas Day. The less traffic, the higher the score! Make it harder and more enjoyable. Goal: Move the presents to the right position to solve the puzzle.Christmas is near. Hurry up! Santa needs your help! Help Santa to drop all Christmas presents into boxes marked with “X” to win. You can move Santa Sokoban by clicking the box to move the gift. Santa Santa Magazine is a modern interpretation of the classic Sokoban game with santa . Sokoban, or “shopkeeper” in Japanese, is a logical game. Sokoban’s goal is to push the boxes to the designated storage locations, moving the player through the storage maze. This game will take you into a festive mood. Enjoy this game!

Game features game with santa :

  • The game is completely free for you to play disney games for adults  .
  • Unique sound graphics with new old snowman and gifts.
  • Many different levels and levels for you to try push box game.
  • Save achievements and winning scores santa game free.

How to play game with santa :

  • Open your screen device and get ready for puzzle games.
  • Click to move the old snow man and push the gift boxes to the X mark.
  • The fewer points you move, the higher your score will be.
  • The difficulty of each level is different, requiring logic game with santa claus.

Some screenshots from the game :

game with santa

game with santa claus

santa game free

An intellectual puzzle game with santa that pushes the box into the correct position so that through the screen there are many levels for you to play, in addition you can refer to some other games!

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Santa Sokoban
5 (100%) 1 vote

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