Cops and robbers game- Play cops and robbers game online free

Cops and robbers game- Play cops and robbers game online free
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Cops and robbers game – Play cops and robbers game online free.

Cops vs Robbers – Jail break

Combine your self right into a world of excessive stakes deception and coronary heart pumping motion while you download, police officers vs robbers: jail smash. It is time to run, shoot and steer clear of fellow inmates and harsh jail guards. Sense the threat as you blast via 3 intense landscapes and enjoy splendid 3-D pics and pixel sport animations. Down load for free nowadays and experience a traditional block game for the a long time.

Cops vs Robbers - Jail break

Cops vs Robbers – Jail break

The underbelly of the justice machine

Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man has been locked away behind bars at a top notch-max detention center, his termination imminent. He insists he is innocent, but there may be no proof or ounce of human-compassion to help his declare. This man, is you.

Meanwhile, his absence from the capitol has spread out the seat to a demonical baby-kisser whose corrupt ideals have the capability of upturning a nation.

Time is of the essence

It is time to take drastic measures and declare your very own freedom and show your innocence earlier than the government is overtaken by double crossing politicians and the nation as you realize it’s miles turned upside-down.

Assume strategically, fight for survival

Whilst the time is right, you are making a ruin for it, understanding the internal workings of the device. Know-how this could be no easy mission, however an onerous feat of brute and intelligence, you start the combat in your lifestyles.

Law enforcement officials vs robbers: jail wreck is a difficult first man or woman shooter motion game that could be a thrill a minute experience. From the gathering of hidden melee and firearm weapons and the scattering of helpful pickups to the mobs of savage enemies and the complex landscapes, this sport is ripe with severe play.

Experience intuitive controls and large ranges that boast dangerous battles so one can require brief wondering and fast reflexes. Combat your way in opposition to dozens of foes and take control over the justice gadget as you conflict your way to freedom. The combat starts offevolved now.

Traits: hidden melee & firearm weapons. Acquire health and ammo pickups as you discover your surroundings. Prepare for enemies to increase as tiers development. Interactive map. Choose from a ramification of weapons. Expansive tiers to explore.

Cops N Robbers

Wait see you later for the “police officers n robbers jail damage 2″, the 2d edition of ” cops and robbers prison smash” has been developed for three hundred and sixty five days, created through the famous developer of “police officers n robbers (prison damage)” and “law enforcement officials n robbers fps”: “joydo amusement”.

This time we brought an entire new revel in for every cnr fan. New large island prison – “west pacific prison” is here, waiting for your journey. New recreation settings, new props&craft gadget…Most crucial of all, a brand new role – spy is introduced in “police officers n robbers”.

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Cops N Robbers

Cops N Robbers


  • Big map – “west pacific jail”: indoor and outdoor region, prison, forest, island, ships.
  • Role playing: cop, robber and undercover agent.
  • Props&craft machine: 40+ props (weapons, armors…), craft a few props that will help you get out of prison.
  • New role – undercover agent: hiding in robbers, secretly support for the cops and robbers game– So that you can preserve the identity, the secret agent need to complete the obligations given by means of machine. Robbers need to discover who’s the secret agent through balloting.
  • Multiplayer: worldwide multiplayer support, 5 regions available – eu, au, us, asia, jp
  • Mobs: there are some mobs within the outdoor forest, you can accumulate a few stuff from them.
  • Starvation cost: have an effect on stroll pace & assault damage.
  • Honor regulations: cheat & cheated, cooperation & betrayal.
  • Solid server & optimized network.
  • Video recording: guide kamcord video recording.


  • Besides robbers there may be one cops and robbers game and one undercover agent.
  • The cop tells robbers what they must do: go to the mess corridor to consume, visit the showers, go to the library…
  • Robbers must obey and do what the cop says, or be punished!
  • Robber’s project: compliance & betrayal (find the way to escape from jail then all of the robbers win)
  • Cop’s task: manage all robbers & make sure that nobody escapes from jail within the constrained time!
  • Secret agent’s venture: whole the machine duties to retain the identification. Assist the cop to reveal all robbers, meanwhile avoid the identity being exposed.


Cops and robbers game- Play cops and robbers game online free
5 (100%) 2 votes

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